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Required Documents For Hajj

​1. Original Valid passport for - US Citizens.

2. US re-entry permit/travel document or copy of Green Card for non-US citizens.


3. Four (4) passport size pictures.

4. Original Vaccination Certificate for Meningitis (ACYW 135)

5. Copy of notarized marriage certificate (for husband and wife).

6. Copy of birth certificate for each child (only if children are traveling and visa has been issued).

7. Notarized Mahrem letter for all women travelling alone (from husband, father, brother, uncle, son, etc). Click Here For Notarized Mahrem Letter

8. Muslims with non-Islamic names must submit notarized letter for proof of Shahadah from mosque or institution where it was taken. Click Here For Shahadah Letter


9. Make out a certified bank check for Deposit or Full payment to Professional Hajj & Umrah Guides L.L.C (deposit is non-refundable).

10. $350 Saudi government fees.


11. Make sure that a return prepaid Federal Express envelope is included in your package to Professional Hajj & Umrah Guides L.L.C.




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