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Commitment to Excellenct Service.


​"I felt the spirit of Allah amongst us"


My name is Khadijah Muhammad and I want to say that my journey was awesome. I thank Allah so very much for allowing Iman Sulaimaan and his wife Shahidah who are very knowledgeable in getting us exact in our holy rites. May Allah bless them in their continued success. I love them very much. I felt the spirit of Allah amongst us. It was unbearable. This elderly Muslim man spoke also how Allah will bless us and reward us for Hajj. It was just too much. My experience on the day of Arafat which was on Jumah was beautiful. Iman Sulaimaan gave a beautiful khutbah that was extremely powerful, overwhelming and tearful. I was flowing like water. The ka'ba was beautiful. Seeing it was something you would never see LIVE in your life time. My sisters and brothers don't wait make your intentions to Allah that you will make your Hajj. Also I suggest Hajj Pro is the one to go with. Allah has bless them to show what to do. May Allah accept our Hajj. Alhamdulillah!!


​"I enjoyed our group immensely"

As-Salaamu-Alaikum Imam Sulaimaan:


May the Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon you and your family.


I must, on behalf of my wife, Halimah, commend you and your wife, Shahidah, on such a fantastic job! In your leadership and guidance throughout the Umrah and Hajj. I can honestly and sincerely say that I couldn't have felt the enthusiasm, dedication, information, and brotherhood from no better source than Hajj Pros.

I enjoyed our group immensely, and felt that it was a very good choice. It was such a great pleasure to meet so many wonderful brothers and sisters from around the country. We'll I realize we're supposed to keep it short, but indeed, I could go on and on. There is so much to be said and expressed about this special and blessed Hajj experience. Well, one things is for sure, "Hajj pros knows" and I do believe with time, Hajj Pros, grows and grows to be a national and international resource.

Jazakallah Khayran,

- Br. Imam Sulaimaan and Sis. Shahidah.


Br. Waleed Muhammad


​"Hajjpros is the BEST in the business"

As Salaam Alaikum Brother Sulaimaan and Sister Shahidah,

I just want to let you know that Hajjpros is the BEST in the business. Not only have the best accommodations, but also the best foods and most importantly the Guides. You take the time to explain the sites we visited, and I  had people who went with other groups calling me to tell me how good and organized Hajjpros was. The same people tells me that they pay $2,000 more than what we pay and we received much better services than them. I have seen you take other people to perform their Tawaaf, some of those people wouldn't have performed their Hajj without your help, they where not even part of Hajj Pros group, you were just helping them.

I also witness you helping older ladies  from Senegal and Turkey who were lost, you helped them find their groups. On behalf of the entire group we say thank you. I tell everybody Hajjpros is the best.


Keep up the good work! HAJJPROS IS THE BEST. Thank you HAJJPROS! As we think about next year, put me down INSHALLAH I'm going back.


- HajI Ousman s Kah


“Exceptional Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding”

With the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

As Salaam Alaikum Imam Sulaimaan & Sis. Shahidah, We are extending our special “Thank you” to both of you on helping us to complete a successful Hajj. You provided us with excellent service and you were good hostesses.


We are truly blessed by Allah that He sent us you and He instilled you both with exceptional wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, we learned a lot.


Our Hajj experience was incredible and has changed our lives for a lifetime. You have surely touched our hearts and may Allah continue to give and guide your service to help others achieve Hajji and Hajjah.


May Allah continue to bless you both abundantly. Your Hajj Pros 2013 family. With Much Love!


Thank you for all of your help.

- Omar Jameel (Los Angeles, CA)


“Ya’ll rock!”

Ya’ll rock! Alhamdulillah!

- Azizah Abdul-Wali (Atlanta, GA)


“Took good care of us, and we will do it again.”

As Salaam Alaikum My brother and sister, I am so happy that Allah set the stage for us to meet. You really took good care of us, and we will do it again.”

- Donele & Philomenia Bilal (Houston, TX)


“Really Appreciate Your Kindness.”

As Salaam Alaikum Shahidah, thank you so very, very much for stoning the Jamarat for me. I really appreciate your kindness. Peace and love”

- Jameelah Rasheed (Los Angeles, CA)


“I Feel Empowered!”

Dear Sulaimaan & Shahidah, Thank you so much for my Hajj experience. You both are a “Pro”- Great Job! My striving to increase my Deen has improved and I will share with others. Much appreciated. I feel empowered!

Sincerely & Peace,

- Shahidah Abdur-Rasheed (Antioch, CA)


“You both went above and beyond”


Dear Brother Sulaimaan and Sister Shahidah, thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication. You both went above and beyond to allow us the opportunity of a lifetime. May Allah bless you and accept you. JazakAllah!

- Maryam  Robinson (Atlanta, GA)


“Rewarding and highly spirited journey”

Thank you for a rewarding and highly spirited journey on behalf of my husband and I. “


- Sis. Khaleelah (Brooklyn, NY)


“Thanks for all the effort.”

Dear Sulaimaan, Thanks for all the effort. We really appreciate all of your help. With the Name of Allah, I am wishing a blessing for Hajj Pros.”

- Amie & Sulayman Mboob (Atlanta, GA)


“Your hard work, passion, dedication, and commitment was endless.”

Dear Brother Sulaimaan/Shahidah,

Your hard work, passion, dedication, and commitment was endless. You made this difficult journey a breeze. May Allah bless you all.

- Anna Marong (Boston, MA)


“You both made this a blessed experience”

As Salaam Alaikum Shahidah & Sulaimaan, When I made my intentions for Hajj and was blessed to have you both as my Hajj/ Umrah guides that was truly a blessing from Allah (SWT). Thank you both for everything. You both made this a blessed experience.

- Alia Pasha (Miami, FL)


“What an adventure!”

Bismillah! My dear new loved ones, Imam Sulaimaan & Shahidah,

What an experience! What an adventure! What a life changing experience! With no greater significance than my Shahidah! I will never, ever forget you and now we are family. I truly love you both for the blessings Allah (SWT) has sent through you both for me.

Always & Forever Yours Truly,

- Imani (Atlanta, GA)


“Service of a life time”

As Salaam Alaikum Imam Sulaimaan & Shahidah,

May Allah continue to bless you both for providing a service of a life time. Great job!


- Imam A.K. Hassan & Debra Hassan (Los Angeles, CA)


"I felt secure"

I felt secure the moment I decided to go with Hajj Pros. Sulaimaan and Shahidah were informative and had a good command of the Arabic language and they were able to communicate any thing we needed to have said or done. I thought they were well organized and kept a cool head throughout the hajj journey. That’s what it’s about being patient in adversity because hajj will test you. Sulaimaan led us like a general leads his army. Looka here, baby Sultaan was cool too.

I believed in Allah and His messenger before I went on hajj and now my faith and trust in Allah has been reaffirmed. I was blessed to get real close to the “station of Ibrahim.” I didn’t realize how close I was until Sulaimaan yelled out to me and said “Jamielah look inside.” That’s when I saw the footprints of Ibrahim. I was speechless! I didn’t get to kiss the black stone, but Alhamdulillah, I was there.

I like the way Sulaimaan gave us historical accounts so we could really understand the rituals we were about to fulfill that helped to create in us a greater love for Allah, His messenger, and the believers who helped to pave the way for us to practice this wonderful religion.

I can hardly wait to go again. I loved Madinah! The city of the prophet. It’s nothing like being in the company of millions of believers worshipping the same G’d at the same time. Now, I can truly understand what El Hajj Malik Shabazz was talking about. Seeing all races, all nations, all colors, people worshipping One G’d. To me, Mecca is the capitol city of the world!


I thank Allah for inviting me to His house, Alhamdulillah! Al-Islam is what the world needs.

-Hajja Jamielah Mikal

"I cannot completely or adequately express how my Hajj experience was enhanced by Hajj Pros"

​Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem
“Fain~na  ma-'Al-'Uos-re  yus-raa In~na ma-'Al-'Uos-re yus-raa”.

This was the theme of my Hajj experience with Hajj Pros. Seventeen days is a long journey, especially when looked at in the context of a “non vacation” and occasionally rough living. While the entire journey was meaningful it had its difficulties. I believe that it was the Hajj Pros team that created so many opportunities for ease. I spent a good portion of my “prep” time, mentally, emotionally, and physically preparing myself for what I thought would be my difficulties during the journey, and was constantly pleasantly surprised when they were filled with ease due to the experience, education, and professionalism of our Hajj Pros team and the Five Star package they provided us with.

I cannot completely or adequately express how my Hajj experience was enhanced by Hajj Pros. Their attention to detail in the preparation for the journey and during the journey allowed me to focus on what I was there to focus on. This was a treasure to me in ways that I cannot fully express. What a gift it was to not worry about food, not worry about coming and going and getting to proper locations to complete my rites while knowing and saying the right things, to not worry about my safety! In my adult life I have NEVER been in a situation where I have completely given over control and gone with the flow. During my Hajj experience, I was put in a situation where I was able to do so thereby learning a personal lesson that I did in fact have the capability to do so, and most importantly, all of my energy and focus went to my connection with the creator. As I said earlier, I prepared myself for so many things, but I made plans and Allah made plans and I was not prepared for my challenge to be the quality of my relationship with Allah. Again, it was an immeasurable gift to me that I was able to spend my time in worship and education, and reflection and contemplation of that relationship. That was the beauty of my journey. Allah created through Hajj Pros, opportunities of ease and thus made the journey more meaningful for me.

On a lighter and practical note…as I returned home and shared my experiences and pictures, friends and family have asked…were you even on Hajj? They heard about staying literally across from the Haram and making all 5 prayers in the Haram with ease, making Tawaf every night…on the ground floor with ease, they saw our lush accommodations…yes EVEN in tent city, they looked at pictures of me stoning the Jamarat with ease, where it was just me and no one else around, and pictures of all the smiling faces around me and they asked…what Hajj were you on? Of course over the years things have improved and initially I would have said, “you get what you pay for”, but after sharing experiences with others, I have found that this is not entirely true. There are other comparatively priced packages out there, but what they didn’t have is Sulaimaan and Shahidah…the work ethic, the knowledge, and the care and dignity in which they provided their service. Through shared experiences, I have found that there is a difference in the care and love that you put into your work. It is something you must experience; they are not just running Hajj Tours, they are taking CARE of the guests of Allah.


-Kameelah Waheed Wilkerson (Altadena, CA USA)


​"The Best Hajj Tour"

I went to perform Hajj in 2008 with Hajj Pros; I want everyone to know that the best Hajj tour to go with is Hajj Pros. How can I say that? Well let me share a few thoughts that remain with me regarding my Hajj experience.

The Hajj guides are just the best. Mansoor was assigned our guide at the airport in New York and he was attentive to the needs of all members of our group. There was a doctor with us (as well as a few nurses and a nurse practitioner). The staff was very attentive and even provided wheelchair assistance for me to make sure that I was able to complete all of my Hajj rites. Even on the arrival back in New York, Brother Mansoor made sure that I received all my luggage. I am truly grateful to Allah Ta Baraka wa ta 'aala for my Hajj experience and the brothers and sisters that He sent to help me along the way. May Allaah Ta 'aalaa grant them and us all Jannatul Firdaws. Aameen.

- Sister Huda Brabham Abdelrahman (Texas USA)

"Personalized Attention"

This is a brief note to once again thank you for letting me be a "guest" in your Hajj group from Cairo to Jeddah. As you may recall, I'm the brother who was a Dar El Salam customer, but who was traveling a day late because of a weather-related delay. Anyway, tonight (insha'Allah) I plan to host several brothers in my home to talk about my Hajj experience, including preparing for Hajj and selecting a Hajj travel agent. Of course, I intend to mention your service and to note the personalized attention that you give to the pilgrims under your charge.

-Ibrahim Hanif (Spartanburg, NC USA)

​"Exceeded Any Expectation"

Dear Brother Sulaimaan & Sister Shahidah, I could never thank Allah enough for the excellent services you provided for us on Hajj this year. The level of knowledge you provided us with, the level of patience you continued to show us through out our entire stay, the level of compassion you showed for each and every member of our group far and above exceeded any expectation I could ever imagine. Sister Shahidah, I thank Allah for giving you such a kind and gentle sprit. They say that Allah sometime send Angles during Hajj, I feel like that was what you were to me.

Peace and Blessings,
-Al-Hajji Abdul-Khaaliq & Hajja Aesha Muhammad El-Amin (Chicago, IL USA


As Salaamu Alaikum Imam Sulaimaan and Sister Shahidah,

We can only attempt to express our sincere thanks to Allah(swa) for having the two of you as facilitators. It was done in accordance with our Holy Quran (summit in writing so there will be clarity) Al Humdilillah! You used every method to ensure good communication and comfort, while we were all seeking the pleasure of Allah. Again, we thank Allah for sending us to you as our facilitators May Allah continue the two in such a noble effort.

Jazak Allah Kharin Masalam,
-Frank and Najmah Shabazz (Jacksonville, FLA USA


​"Highly Recommend Hajj Pros"


My name is Bro. Zakariya residing in Mobile, Alabama. I was amongst the believers of Hajj '07 with Hajj Pros. Hajj is a beautiful experience, but also vital pillar of faith that shouldn't be taken for granted. This is why I highly recommend Hajj Pros. Brother Sulaimaan and his wife are knowledgeable (according to Quran and Sunnah) plus they are generally nice people. May Allah reward them, there wasn't a moment in my 23 days in Saudi that I felt that they didn't have my best interest in mine. The customer service was so great that I felt as if I was the only person that traveled with them. But, that's from the business aspect. On a personal level Brother Sulaimaan and Sister Shahidah interacts with each individual to make sure that everyone performs the rights of Hajj properly, makes sure that everyone is comfortable(to the best of their ability), and conduct group meetings to listen to the believers. I honestly can give Hajj Pros five stars.***** And trust me, you will not find this type of service with just any Hajj group.

- Zakariya Seals (Mobile, ALA USA)

​"Welcomed with open Arms!"

Hajj Pros Is the Best! Alhumdullilah, I'm grateful to Allah Subhan Wa Ta Ala that I experienced my first Hajj with Hajj pros. It's deep because I came with another Group. But Allah blessed me to end up with Hajj Pros for the Majority of my Hajj. I was still welcomed with open arms. May Allah continue to bless Sheik Sulaimaan and his wife in their efforts. We as African Americans need brothers who are learned in this field. May Allah reward you for picking up this particular banner in Islam, amin.

- Abdul- Jalil Rashawd (Detroit, MI USA)


​"I loved Medina"

I want to commend Imam Sulaimaan and Sister Shahidah on giving me the best hajj experience. Allah is truly merciful and I am grateful to have been invited. May Allah reward you, Thank you for making sure that I was taken care of. I know I had issues at times and am quite indulged. But, the both of you helped me through every experience. I have learned great patience from the Hajj experience. I loved Medina and I truly see why Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to make Hijrah there. It was quite peaceful. I am forever changed. Allah-U-Akbar. Thank you.


- Kenyatta Bakeer (Los Angeles, CA USA​)

"Thank you"

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaithu,

Hajj Pros Family, 
My wife Qiyamah and I would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the guidance and leadership that we received from Hajj Pros during our Umrah and Hajj trip 2008. We are very thankful to Allah (swt) that we were invited to and completed a major pillar of our faith, insha'Allah.

I was able to learn very valuable information from the lectures and materials that were given during the workshops. There was a lot of hikma in the decision making on the part of leadership. It was very impressive and motivating to see such young African American Muslims, such as yourselves so knowledgeable in the deen, and fluent in the Arabic. You all provided such an excellent service to not just our community, but to all communities. You represent a new generation of Islam, and we have prayed and continue to pray for your continued success and reward.

Thank you for taking on our group at the last moment, we know that it must have been very challenging.

My wife wanted to add:
I struggled tremendously with the multiple tests I was faced with on hajj (as I'm sure everyone did). It was extremely challenging for me at times, but one of the things that kept me going and helped me to endure between performing the hajj rites aside from the support from my husband was the weekly talks that were given.  The thorough information and dalil I received from you, Sr. Shahidah was very comforting, The calm and peaceful disposition of both you and your husband, I think, trickled down on all of us and followed us right out to the floors of the Kaba. This was evident in the difference between our group and some other groups.

I have to highly commend Sister Aneesah for her beautiful disposition and patience with us and in particular with me. When I didn't know or remember ​exactly what to do or say when we entered the Masjid, or visited the grave of the Prophet (saas) or anything else I would pull her to side and ask her if she could go over it with me show me what to do, and she would always help me out. That meant so much to me because I knew that I would get it done correctly which was my main concern in respect to completing my rites to my Lord.

I learned a lot from Sr. Kariema as well. I cannot always verbally express or articulate myself well, but in short she helped me to be more comfortable just being myself. Brother Mansoor shared the same energy and spirit as yourself and your husband...very calm and peaceful. He gave us very good advice and direction. We were not at all intimidated to ask him questions or to make his self available for us when we wanted to do something "extra" outside of performing the rites. He was very open.

We have a strong desire to go back to hajj again in the near future, insha'Allah Allah will bless us to return in the next few years with Hajj Pros. Jazakum Allahu kahryan for your efforts and beautiful service that you provide our communities.


We have a strong desire to go back to hajj soon again in the near future, insha' Allah Allah will bless us to return in the next few years with Hajj Pros. Jazakum Allahu Kahyran for your efforts and beautiful service that you provide our communities.

​"Very Knowledgeable"

Best Hajj Yet!
Dear Brother Sulaimaan and Sister Shahidah:
We would like to take this time to thank you all for your assistance in helping us perform our Hajj. You all were very knowledgeable and your patience was remarkable and you were quick to point out that our "focus" should be on Allah and not the adversity that we faced. We could not ask for a better guide than Hajj Pros. Even though I went on Hajj in 2003, this was truly my first Hajj. Brother Sulaimaan and Sister Shahidah, we love you and may Allah continue to bless you all in your efforts. We will let everyone know that the way to go is "HAJJ PROS."
-Abdul-K and Helen Hasan (Little Rock, AR USA)

​"Very Valuable"

I rocked my soul in the bosom of Abraham from Dec. 3, 2007 to Dec. 26, 2007 on Hajj, Pilgrimage to Mecca. My hajj experience has left me with a peace, calmness, and tranquility throughout my total being. It seems as though my focus now is only to please Allah. May Allah continue to Bless Hajj Pros for their exhilarating efforts in ensuring that everyone who accompanies them on the trip; meet the requirements of hajj. The classes held the night before each ritual to explain the meaning and its significance, the sight seeing field trips and expeditions their historical importance were of insurmountable value. Priceless is the leadership provided by Hajj pros. Their command of the Arabic language extended beyond the Holy Quran to the idiomatic expressions of the Saudi neighborhoods. This proved to be very valuable. Hajj Pros led us through the hajj process, the rituals and the experience professionally and tirelessly. They armed us with an itinerary filled with activities that included trips to Medina and other significant places. I thank Allah for inviting me to Hajj and I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience my hajj with Hajj Pros.
-Aadil Z. Naazir (Los Angeles, CA USA)

​"Genuine Dedication"


As Salaamu Alaikum..."If you want a guide that knows, travel with Hajj Pros..." I say that with all sincerity...Though this was my first Hajj, I would not have changed a single thing...and that includes my air conditioner happy roommates...;-D...Professional Hajj and Umrah Guides L.L.C. is providing an unique and much needed prospective of the 5th pillar of Al Islam to not only the African American community, but to each and every soul they encounter...The genuine dedication by Sulaimaan and Shahidah in making sure, to the best of their ability, that each individual has the opportunity to maximize their hajj experience, is just one of the many precious gems you find within this company...May ALLAH be pleased with their efforts and may their reward be Jannah...amen...Jazak ALLAH from the bottom of my insha ALLAH cleansed heart...Pilgrim 1428 / 2007.
-Amelah (Oakland, CA USA)


"Highly Recommend"
As salaam Alaykum

The Hajj journey was well worth the prayer, strength and blessings required to complete this pillar. I admire you and your wife for the effort that you put forth to make this Hajj experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. I also admire your efforts to keep costs minimized so that the Hajj experience is more affordable. I was proud of your efforts to assist and adopt "orphaned Hajjis" to help make their Hajj experience more pleasant. As our guides on this sojourn, I thought it would be helpful to provide feedback regarding the trip. As our guides; you took on a spiritual as well as paid responsibility to provide us with a Hajj experience.


-Gary Bean: Imad Abdul-Raouf (Oakland, CA USA)

​"Welcomed with open Arms!"

As Salaamu Alaikum My Dear Sister and Brother -

Shahidah and Sulaimaan, I do hope all is well with you and pray that Allah accepted your hajj.

I have been truly blessed to have met you two beautiful young people. You helped to make my hajj experience even better because of your sincerity and unfailing devotion to the deen. It takes special people to come along and want to do this work. You and Shahidah are showing yourselves as true "servants" of Allah. May Allah continue to increase you in knowledge and faith to do the work inshallah of making it as comfortable as possible for Muslims to make the "journey of a lifetime".Sulaimaan you "rocked" as the Khatib for Jumah prayer on Arafat. I loved it!!!!! That's what I'm talking about - my young African American brother over there giving the Jumah prayer. May Allah reward you both in this life and the hereafter.


Ma Salaam,
-Hajja Brenda El-Amin (Chicago, IL USA)

"Brilliant Execution"

What I would like to say cannot be written by words. For, my heart is unable to express in this brief writing its gratitude, appreciation and love for the wonderful experiences that I had while on Hajj. An experience that was graced by the hard work of HajjPros. And should Allah bless me to be able to go again, Hajj Pros is the way to go.

Both of the Executives of the HajjPros Corporation are brilliant in their execution of tasks. They were superiors in their services regarding the accommodations, information and preparations. From the very beginning I was of importance to ​them. They handled my affairs with care and consideration.

Hajj Pros took me to all the places that I have always wanted to see as a Muslimah. I felt protected,well informed, and empowered by the Hajj Pros Corporation. And while with them, Allah blessed me to Touch the Black Stone, Stand uninterrupted at the Maqam of Ibrahim, Touch the Yemen Wall, Read Quran and offer Prayer at all of the Historical Masjids, Go on a tea with Dignitaries and eat on the Red Sea. Allahu Akbar!

I watched most if not all actions, as I always sat near them as they conducted the business of transporting us to every imaginable place in Mecca, Medina and in between. And all that they did, they did in excellence. Their characters and work ethics were on display during times of difficulty and during those times they worked in excellence.

They demonstrated fluency in the language of Arabic as well as the customs and gesturing of the country. Thus making our transitions from every point easier than most others. The key point to realize is that what Hajj Pros was doing for us, 3 million other people are having done for them. And as a participant and a spectator, Hajj Pros was always in a good position, even during the difficult times, we were always in a good position!

Therefore, as a result of their works and commitment: My Ummrah was excellent; My Hajj was excellent;The Food was excellent;The Hotel accommodations 


I thank Allah for the opportunity to make my Hajj and I thank him for blessing me to go with Hajj Pros.


So, Inshallah, when you go on Hajj, go with the Pros. The Classes that were offered to inform us of the rites were excellent; And the Special guest Speakers were excellent. I had no complaints, And if I did, they made themselves available to address them. They are a "Hands oN Team". I thank Allah for the opportunity to make my Hajj and I thank Him for blessing me to go with Hajj Pros. So, In shaAllah, when you go on Hajj, go with The Pros.​

-Nimat Shaheed (Oakland, CA USA)

"Walahi they are the Best"

As-Salaamu- Alaikum
Alhamdulillah, I was able to make Hajj in 2008 with Hajj Pros. Walahi, they are the best! I knew the first time we had a phone conference that this was the right group for me. They really focused on teaching us how to perform the rites of Ummra and Hajj correctly. To have a young brother and sister who had command of the language and sound knowledge of Al-Quran and Sunnah was very comforting and impressive. Brother Sulaimaan and sister Shahidah are extremely patient and down to earth and they know how to take care of business efficiently. Even with all of their responsibilities (icluding caring for their newborn baby), they made all 80 of us feel that we were individually worth their time if we had questions or issues. Lastly, I wanted to mention and thank the rest of the H.P. staff who were wonderful as well. May Allah (SWT) reward you all for a job well done and continue to bless you. When I say "Hajj", you say "Pros", "HAJJ PROS!"


ASA with much gratitude,
-Hajjah Ameerah (Inglewood, CA USA

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